AEG Battery Racks

If you are looking for the most affordable AEG battery racks and holders look no further!

As a top-quality tradesman, you only work with the best equipment there is—Thats why you’ve chosen to work with AEG power tools. AEG is a power tool brand that we here at Power Rax totally respect.
With its history in transforming and propelling the power tool industry and Developing innovative and quality tools since 1898, there’s no doubt you’ll get quality when you use AEG power tools in your tool repertoire.

But wouldn’t you like to combine AEG’s excellence with our forward-thinking technology to transform your trades work, making it easier, quicker, and more efficient to use your AEG power tools?

We developed Power Rax to make using your power tools fit in with you. No matter how you work, whether from your van, a garage, or workshop, your AEG tools can now be an extension of you. With our bespoke range of battery and tool mounts for your AEG power tools, gone are the days of fumbling around for the tools you need. With easy, no-fuss access to your tools, Power Rax AEG battery and tool mounts transform the way you work.

Expertly constructed from PVC, you’re investing in equipment that will last the test of time. Trust our expert manufacturing to keep your equipment firmly secure no matter where you store or transport you’re AEG power tools.

AEG doesn’t do just ‘good enough, and neither do we. For tradespeople with top standards, the only sensible choice is to use Power Rax battery and tool mounts.

View our slide-in Battery Racks designed to suit all AEG 18v Batteries.

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