Bosch Battery Holders

With a brand name like Bosch known in pretty much all households, you know you’re dealing with quality when you choose Bosch for your power tools and batteries. First-class tradespeople work only with first-class products, which is why we’ve decided to develop bespoke Bosch battery holders like no other.

At Power Rax, we manufacture only with you in mind. We make sure that by using our battery holders and racks, we make your job easier and help you deliver better results. With options that allow you to lock batteries firmly in place or else slide in and out as needed, there is something to suit everyone. Our battery holders are the perfect option for keeping your batteries within easy reach in whatever setting you work in. Whether you’re in a van, garage, or workshop, all you have to do is pick the best fit!

With a brand like Bosch that’s stood the test of time from 1886, we make sure you’re tools and batteries last the test of time also.

With two main options: a lock-in battery pack, which can hold between two and ten batteries, and a slide-in style that can has between two and six slots, know that Power Rax can deliver a solution suited to you.

Expertly designed and constructed PVC Bosch battery holders mean you can rely on durable, long-lasting products which keep your batteries in place and within easy reach for fast, effective access every time.