Hilti Battery Racks

For tradespeople that want to grow, it’s no secret they use a power tool brand that has massively grown since its inception. Founded in 1941 in Liechtenstein by two brothers, they have consistently developed market-leading power tools used only by the best in the industry.

To bring convenience and ease of use to this well-respected power tool brand, Power Rax has developed bespoke Hilti battery holders and mounts that give you more control of how you use your Hilti power tools. We know there’s not a one-fits-all solution as tradespeople work in a range of settings,, from garages to workshops and even vans. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to develop Hilti battery holders that can fit in wherever you work, made for your needs.

With two types of expertly designed and manufactured racks available to you from Power Rax, you’ll find the one that works best for you. The first is a lockin rack which can be installed at any angle and released following the procedures from the power tool. The second is a slide-in holder, which allows batteries to smoothly slide in and out without interruption.

Made using top-quality PVC, know that our Power Rax Hilti battery holders match the quality of the Hilti brand itself. You can rest assured that you’ve invested in quality power tools, as well as a super durable quality Hilti battery rack. With top-notch equipment backing you up, you can’t help but provide the best tradesmanship out there.

We offer a Slide-In Battery Rack and a Lock-In Battery Rack which is suited to Hilti 22v Batteries. The battery racks are available in a host of different sizes to suit your need.

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