Metabo Battery Racks

Metabo is a quality power tool brand that started in Germany 1923. Their quality is backed up incredible growth and customer satisfaction. With a strong track record in producing superior professional tools that help make your job smoother, simpler, and more effective, it’s no wonder Metabo is a brand used repeatedly by professional tradespeople.

Here at Power Rax we know that using Metabo power tools makes your job easy, but what if it could be even easier? Power Rax has developed Metabo battery racks and holders that make using your Metabo power tools a slim lined process. With a slide-in battery rack that can be installed in any trade setting, we can provide a solution to fit in with you.

Yes, we know tradespeople need to work in some pretty unusual and small places so we’ve designed our Metabo battery holders to work easily wherever you are, even in your work van.

With innovative design, manufacture,and durable materials, our Power Rax Metabo battery holders will keep your power tools in tip-top shape whilst giving you easy access. Choose from between two and six slots, depending on your needs, and make sure that you have the perfect solution to keep your tools neat, safe and accessible for any situation.

Power Rax can help you do your job better with intuitive equipment that just can’t be beaten. Add our Metabo battery holders to your tool collection for a power tool experience like no other.

We offer a Slide-In Battery Rack which is suited to Metabo 18v Batteries. The battery rack is available in a host of different sizes to suit your need.

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