Panasonic Battery Racks

We offer a Lock-In Battery Rack which is suited to Panasonic 14.4v Batteries. The battery rack is available in a host of different sizes to suit your need.

Panasonic are a brand with their fingers in plenty of pies – from televisions and multimedia to cameras and microwaves and have recently made a move to dominate the world of construction and power tools. With a reputation for outstanding electronics, it’s no wonder they’ve developed outstanding powertools also.
When you invest in excellent power tools from Panasonic, you want to make sure you’re keeping them in the best condition possible, including the pricey batteries they come with.

With total respect for Panasonic, we here at Power Rax, wanted to make sure you were able to keep your tools in great condition as well as making it easier and more efficient to use them on the job. That’s why we have designed and manufactured bespoke Panasonic battery holders that give you the confidence your Panasonic batteries will last the test of time whilst also bringing ease and efficiency to the way you use them.

Designed with tradespeople in mind – knowing you work in a variety of settings from large work spaces to small vans – our Panasonic battery holders can be used in any setting. There’s no space too small that won’t benefit from one of our Panasoc battery holders. We also know, any equipment you use needs to be durable and weather some harsh treatment. Thats why we use the highest quality PVC in our battery holders, so you can be sure they won’t let you down.

Our Panasonic battery holders are designed to easily lock in the batteries, clicking them securely in place for safe, secure storage and transportation. Releasing them is just as easy. Know that using Power Rax for your Panasnoc power tools batteries, means you are investing in the best bespoke battery holders on the market to keep your Panasonic tools in tip-top condition.

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